Inspired to turn something plain into a visionary statement, DESARDI provides a unique combination of classic luxury with global styled textures and finishes. Derived by traditional Dutch pieces and international presence, DESARDI offers one-of-a-kind, forward-vision digital wallcoverings that can transform any room into an architectural oasis.

DESARDI® Classic
DESARDI® Classic is a serie of traditional vinyl wallcovering products with a matte finish in a range of creative textures. The vinyl coated products are available with two different backings depending on the application. DESARDI® Classic is the highest performing digital wallpaper in the marketplace. It is highly durable, washable, flame retardant, and has an excellent image quality. DESARDI® Classic is available with a paper-backing or non-woven base. DESARDI® Classic NW is also Bio-Pruf treated.

DESARDI® Eco is an innovative PVC and Plasticizer free wall covering range for environments demanding green and safe products. The market for PVC-free products is growing. It is easier to recycle and dispose than products containing PVC or plasticizers. This range is designed to offer a more environmentally conscious alternative and consists of wallpapers for various applications.

DESARDI® Acoustic Textiles
DESARDI Acoustic textiles are high-quality woven textile wallcoverings laminated on a non-woven backing that are acoustically perfect for blocking and absorbing sound and fully customizable using Latex and UV-cure print technology.

DESARDI® Walltex
A set of high-end contract-quality wallcovering products with a specialized vinyl coating laminated to a fabric-backing for extreme durability. Walltex is available with a pearl and silver textured surface which creates adds a touch of luxury. An excellent choice when creating a bold statement design in hospitality or high-end residential environments.

DESARDI by NATURE wallcovering media taps into our connection and fascination with our natural surroundings. Wallcoverings from woven sisal, grass cloth, jute, cork, to bamboo. Each product being unique and handcrafted from plant-based resources. Perfectly designed to bring natural elegance and authenticity into interiors and to meet specific design visions of architects and designers.

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