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Architectural Window Films
Performance & Appearance
Take advantage of windows as an opportunity for architecture, branding and design with window films solutions including privacy films, frosted films, ultra-clear digitally printable films. Architectural window films can easily transform a tired and overfamiliar space into a highly motivational working environment.
Movement towards green
Sustainable alternatives
Environmental friendly print substrates are demanded more and more, as companies are looking to make changes in their sustainability strategy as it relates to large-format marketing. The challenge lies in sourcing the right sustainable materials, without sacrificing beauty or quality.
Printing of high-quality photo panels
With dye-sublimation
Create high-quality and durable sublimated fine art prints on coated rigid substrates. The sharpness, depth and colour of a photo printed by sublimation makes it ideal for an art gallery, exhibition or decoration of hotels, restaurants, etc. As well known as advertising billboards, information boards and table tops with the most beautiful prints.

Brand partners

Beyond traditional window films
Self-adhesive window fabrics
Semi-transparent fabrics for window decoration can be digitally printed, or applied as an unprinted fabric directly to the glass surface, thanks to the simplicity of the self-adhesive back coating. Ideal for glass office partitions to create a privacy effect.
Reference Veilish White
Natural Substrates
Trends to watch
Natural substrates for an earthy, organic look.
Authenticity and sustainability are the ingredients of natural, organic substrates. Printing on these types of surfaces is a challenge, but will bring natural elegance, decorative charm and authenticity to the end result.

Substrates for digital printing