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MagScience Magnets are thinner, lighter but stronger

Digital Magnetics reference

MagScience by Digital Magnetics is a new generation of printable magnets based on high-tech scientific developments in the magnetic industry. These printable magnets are thinner & lighter, but have a stronger pull force and holding power that adhere easily to iron and ferrous surfaces. A new product line that offers many product and operational cost-saving advantages compared to traditional magnets.
MagScience is available in the thickness of 0,3mm, 0,4mm and 0,6mm.

Product Advantages

• Thinner and lighter, but a stronger holding power/pull force
• Better roll flatness
• Better print compatibility with Eco-Solvent, Latex and UV inks
• Thinner material allows smooth printer feeding and easier cutting
• Easier to mount on curved surfaces
• Higher resistance to demagnetization
• Longer shelf-life
• VOC-free A+

Cost-saving advantages

• A lighter product, saving transport costs along the complete supply chain
• Longer roll options resulting in higher printer up-time
• More square meters on a roll and pallet
• Less unboxing and handling by print operators – saving working hours
• Less storage needed, less capital binding
• Less waste in the complete cycle (production, printing, converting, recycling)
• Lower carbon footprint in the complete cycle

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