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Seasonal Impact with See-Through Vision

Xmas Contra Vision sign
Xmas Contra Vision sign

It’s that time of year when retailers are preparing their stores for that key festive period, this year retailers will need signage to not only advertise their holiday deals but also to communicate key safety messages to holiday shoppers.

This year, with COVID-19 still affecting us all, being able to see how many people are inside stores and how many are waiting to enter is of prime importance. Contra Vision Perforated Window Film allows store staff and people within the store to see clearly outside. This helps with crowd management as well as reducing the claustrophobic effect that can occur with some large scale window graphics. From outside, depending on the perforation pattern, visibility into the store can also be achieved.

Contra Vision one-way vision graphics helps to communicate the biggest (and smallest) of seasonal messages while still allowing customers and store staff a clear view to outside. Large scale graphics look stunning and can entice crowds with messages clearly read from distance. Smaller ‘posters’ are great for short term campaigns and promotions with the added benefit that Contra Vision can easily be applied to windows by store staff, without the need for professional fitters and merchandisers.

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