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Xanita adds 6mm version to its portfolio of sustainable display boards

Xanita board

Xanita is delighted to announce the launch a new lighter-weight 6mm board to the Xanita range.

Stocked in a 2440 x 1220mm sheet size, this product is an exciting addition that will benefit customers in several key ways.

6mm is recognised as being perfectly suitable and easily strong enough to produce robust Free Standing Display Units (FSDU’s). Where greater strength than a standard corrugated board is required, but the budget does not allow the use of 10mm Xanita, 6mm is a more suitable and cost-effective choice.

Furthermore, the thinner 6mm product is better suited for more creative and intricate designs, for example, exhibition mock ups or reproducing smaller display items.

Finally, the addition of 6mm Xanita Print gives customers an alternative environmental choice to the use of foam PVC for internal POS and signage applications.

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