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Filmolux to supply the PVC-free KAVALAN range

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Shanghai – TAYA Groups today announces a distribution partnership with European-wide acting Filmolux Group. The partnership allows Filmolux to supply the PVC-free KAVALAN range of 100 percent green large-format media in Germany, as well as in Austria, Scandinavia, Benelux, Italy, and Switzerland. Following COVID-related delays, the partnership will officially commence in February 2021.

KAVALAN is a revolutionary range of banner materials with a unique value proposition unlike any other product on the market today, offering supreme quality, strength and performance with none of the ecologically damaging elements of traditional PVC, and a key focus on zero-harm end-of-life disposal.

Vincent Lin, Vice President, TAYA Groups, comments: “It’s so important with products like KAVALAN, with the potential to disrupt and transform the market for PVC banners, that our partners understand and champion the KAVALAN philosophy. Throughout our correspondence, it has been clear that Nils Honscha, COO of Neschen Coating GmbH and his team connect with our environmentally responsible mission and appreciate what KAVALAN can do for our industry. “

“On top of this, the business enjoys a stellar reputation in the territories acknowledged in our agreement, and possesses the technical expertise, marketing prowess and commitment to excellence that will surely see this partnership exceed our expectations. We are delighted to be embarking on this next chapter of our green journey with Filmolux.”

Nils A. Honscha (Neschen) adds: “It is fantastic to finally be able to announce this exciting partnership with TAYA Groups to supply and advocate for the outstanding KAVALAN PVC-free range. Our values and goals are well-aligned and we are looking forward to providing key European territories with a fantastic choice of green materials, something that has been desperately needed in the industry for so long. With a long-term partnership between TAYA and Filmolux just getting started, a new, greener day is certainly dawning for digital wide-format print.”

KAVALAN product samples are now available upon request in anticipation of the upcoming launch interested parties are encouraged to contact Filmolux Group.