Importance of Substrates in Digital Print

Importance of Substrates in Digital Print

Substrates are key

Without substrates, there is no print. It starts with a substrate and it ends with it. It is that simple. Therefore, the correct substrate choice is important to deliver a successful job. The type of printer that is running will give the operational advantage, but the substrate will create the final result. Making the right choice is therefore absolutely crucial.

Substrate Bank makes it easier to select and specify substrates for certain applications easier and more effective.

When making a substrate choice, there are always common concerns. For example, if the ink will adhere properly to the chosen substrate. If the colour will come out of the substrate surface as expected. In most cases, there is a positive answer to both. There are often multiple options of substrates available, that are adapted to the latest digital print technologies. Many printers are also becoming smarter, making it easier to print on specialized substrates that may have been difficult to print on before.

Substrate Bank allows you to browse through many options and compare these against different manufacturers. Samples can be requested directly from the source.

Substrates for Digital Printing that deliver ROI

While digital printing technology continues to evolve and become smarter, so do the print substrates. Substrate manufacturers are also keen to innovate. This is shown in the substrate composition as well as in performance attributes. When you start layering all your options, there are great possibilities to create high turnovers that deliver serious ROI.

Finding these new substrates is easier than ever before with Substrate Bank, browse through different categories, search by application or print technology and find your match.

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