Large format substrates you should know about

Large format substrates you should know about

When printing large-format commercial graphics, large part of the effort is to choose the right print substrate that fits the job. It can be a complete maze out there when you are just entering the market of large-format printing.

There are hundreds of brands with a wide offering of  certified print media for different inkjet technologies. When making a choice, there are a lot of substrate specifications to consider also.

In an effort to help you make the right decisions, Substrate Bank collects print media manufacturers and their print substrates, all in one place. This helps you become the expert on digital printing substrates for your customers. Below is a list of popular brands that you should know about that create digital printing substrates, along with their intended applications:


ChromaLuxe is the leading brand of print media for sublimation providing ultimate image clarity and vibrancy. Through dye-sublimation, images are infused into specially coated panels to provide the most durable, longest lasting print medium.

There are a wide range of substrates ideal for everything from the highest quality fine art printing, for home decor, to multiple commercial design usages.​

Photo panels / art reproductions

Contra Vision

Contra Vision is the world’s leading manufacturer and specialist of perforated window films for printing one-way vision graphics. Their range of products transforms glass into opportunities for adverting, branding, one-way privacy, solar shading and decorative architectural features, while retaining excellent see-through from the other side.

Window decoration / window graphics / one-way vision graphics

DESARDI wallcovering

DESARDI® is a premium brand of digital printable wallcovering products availalble in a wide variety of creative embossings and finishes. The brand is designed to answer the growing demand for ptinable interior decoration.

Theor premium offering is created for designers, architects and other specialists and is suitable to integrate in all types of interior design projects.

Wall covering / interior design

Re-board Technology

Re-board® Technology is the manufacturer of Re-board®.

Re-board® fluted core is tilted to 15° a patented prize-winning design that recognize the original Re-board®. This engineering allows the perfect strengths to weight ratio and enables a Re-board® sheet to be perfectly cut into any conceivable shape with sharp straight lines, angles and folds. Re-board® liner with optimised surface smoothness and whiteness give excellent print and finishing results, allowing graphics and special effects come to life. The virgin fibres ensure it stand up to crisp folding and demanding finishing. Made from 100% ECF renewable virgin fibre from sustainably managed forests and is off course completely recyclable as the rest of the board.

Sustainable structures / sustainable furniture / sustainable displays


FREDRIX® is the premier manufacturer of fine quality canvas products in the world. With more than 150 years of experience, they manufacture a complete range of canvases for printing and painting. FREDRIX® archival print canvas features the same superior quality that is found with their renowned FREDRIX® artist canvas. It is imperative to know how to make a superior artist canvas in order to make a superior printable canvas.

Canvas / art reproductions


Other large-format substrate manufacturers

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