About FloorAppeal™

FloorAppeal™ is brand of revolutionary scratch-resistant fabric floor materials with no need for lamination!

FloorAppeal™ is a self-adhesive material used for highly visible floor graphics and as an interior film. It is made of fabric, so it easily conforms to the texture of various types of surfaces. It has a bead coating that provides anti-slip function and ensures safe walking in both dry and wet conditions. Floorappeal can be installed on various types of floors, from smooth tiles to rough concrete and asphalt. It is available in three versions depending on the strength of the adhesive: Low Tac, High Tac, and High Tac eXtreme. You can choose the product that suits your needs the best.

FloorAppeal™ LOW-TAC is fantastic for all smooth indoor surfaces like metal, plastic laminates, wood, linoleum, tile & carpeting.

FloorAppeal™ HIGH-TAC is great for smooth outdoor surfaces like, concrete, paving stone, certain types of brick, untreated natural stone & plush/shag carpeting.

FloorAppeal™ HIGH-TAC EX is most suitable for outdoor surfaces like aging concrete, asphalt & brick for building wraps.


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