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paprfloor was created in 2014 in the search for a new type of floor covering that would help to reduce massive waste at trade fairs. The special mixture that was created was used for the first time in 2014 as a floor covering at the Hanover Fair and was immediately convincing. The product was further developed through a crowd-funding campaign and can be used commercially. paprfloor is currently not available through a retail outlet, but exclusively from certified trade fair constructors. In this way, we want to ensure that the advantage of a virtually free disposal service really does reach you:

When we discovered the advantages of paprfloor, especially at trade fairs, we couldn’t believe it. paprfloor is environmentally friendly, healthy and looks fantastic. In addition, paprfloor is completely customisable and cheaper than almost all comparable floor coverings for trade fairs.

We are currently developing paprfloor, especially in logistics, so that you will be able to buy paprfloor online and install it yourself in the future. In addition, we are working on an intelligent floor covering that warns of burglary or fire. If you are interested in a cooperation, please contact us:

paprfloor has the chance not only to change our approach to floor coverings, but also to create a completely new category of floor coverings – intelligent floor coverings with additional benefits.

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