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Sublimation printing is not only growing rapidly, but the efficient production technology of digital dye sublimation printing has become almost indispensable for many industries. Especially in textiles, makers of fashion and sportswear as well as home décor are looking for increased speed and improved quality to meet the challenging demands of digitally printed garments. Suppliers in the fields of photo gifts, merchandise and personalized items, especially with rigid substrates, demand pin-sharp and brilliant image quality.

Dye sublimation paper by S-RACE®  is impressively fast, efficient and precise in every detail. It is the ultimate choice for printing houses of any size that consistently want to deliver outstanding quality. S-RACE®  sublimation paper, with its groundbreaking and future-proof technology, will help printers to impress their clients with amazing results, enabling stable production and consistent quality.

Sublimation printing requires the best sublimation paper for the specific application to achieve the best results. No matter which sublimation paper format and for which sublimation printer, we offer a wide and varied range of sublimation papers to make your sublimation printing particularly successful and efficient. S-RACE is taking sublimation printing into the future.

Therefore we promise: S-RACE® – made to impress

The S-RACE® portfolio is covering dye sublimation papers for any kind of sublimation application with products ranging from 55 to 130 gsm.

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