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What is UVgel? How does UVgel work?

Canon UVgel technology comprises several specially-developed elements that combine to achieve a process that retains the advantages of prevailing printer technologies, while eliminating many of the compromises.

The key to Canon UVgel technology is the fact that the ink is essentially a gel, developed according to UV curing principles. The simplified stages of the Canon UVgel printing process are as follows:

  • Inside the printheads, Canon UVgel ink is heated and turns from gel into liquid.
  • The temperate controlled platen maintains the substrate at a constant 28℃ temperature regardless of environmental factors.
  • On contact with the media, the liquefied ink drops return immediately to their gel state.
  • In their gel state, the ink droplets are ‘pinned’ instantly to the media, assisted by a partial LED ‘precure’ process.
  • Full LED curing takes place at a later stage, after the image swathe is completely formed and gelled on the media.